Regenerative Cell Therapy and Diabetes

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Neuropathy Regenerative Cell Therapy in Longmont Co

Living with diabetes requires a massive restructuring of your life and normal habits and even the most diligent diabetics experience adverse complications from this chronic disease. You?ve read all of the literature and sought advice at every avenue you can find, and even with all of the dietary restrictions, glucose testing, and medications your blood sugar is still rising to dangerous levels, and diabetes is slowly eating away at your body. The tingling, numbness, and burning in your legs and feet are a sign the disease is attacking your nerves. Every time you feel that burning sensation coursing through your extremities it?s a reminder that diabetes is in control and shaving years off your life while you desperately try to stave off the kidney damage and the risk of amputation that comes along with it. If your doctor has prescribed you medications to ease the pain of diabetic neuropathy, you?ve probably already been told that the degenerative condition is going to continue to worsen as you fight the battle to keep your levels in a healthy range. But, what if there was something you could do to fight the damage of diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy usually leads to a loss of feeling in your feet and legs leaving you unaware of dangerous cuts or open wounds that can become ulcerated. It also restricts the flow of your blood to those areas leaving them deficient of infection-fighting white blood cells and putting you at risk for gangrene and amputation. You don?t want to lose your feet or legs, and that?s why the idea of irreversible damage to your nerves is one of the most terrifying aspects of your diabetes diagnosis. Diabetic neuropathy can also eliminate the valuable warning signs of hypoglycemia and leave you dizzy, confused or seizing. Digestive issues and sexual dysfunction also accompany the onset of diabetic neuropathy as well as a threat of urinary incontinence. When you think about all of the dangers of this debilitating disease, how much of your quality of life are you willing to sacrifice to diabetic neuropathy? If you aren’t ready to surrender, there are innovative options available to give you the power to say, ?I will not lose control to diabetes!?

Researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have been hard at work finding new ways to harness the power of revolutionary stem cell treatments to combat the damage of diabetic neuropathy and reverse the threat of the complications of the disease. This cutting-edge stem cell technology uses stem cells from adipose (or fat tissue) to reduce nerve damage, increase blood flow to the blood vessels in your extremities and vital organs, and increase oxygenation to these deprived areas. These ground-breaking treatments are producing highly successful results and shedding a new light of hope on the billions of people suffering from diabetes.

Don?t take diabetic neuropathy lying down. Innovative stem cell advancements are turning that frightening diagnosis into a warning that it?s time to fight back. You have the power to take back control of your health, and you can start with one click. Front Range Regenerative Medicine is ready with customized Regenerative Cell Therapy treatment plans tailored to your needs to help you combat the effects of diabetic neuropathy. If you live in Longmont, Lafayette, Boulder or the surrounding Front Range Areas, please give us a call. ?Click here now to sign up for your FREE consultation.

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy Longmont Co?


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