Regenerative Cell Therapy Costs, Insurance, and You

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One of the most common concerns about Regenerative Cell Therapy is cost. More patients are becoming interested in testing Regenerative Cell Therapy but questions about pricing, affordability, and insurance coverage are preventing them from reaching out. It?s a natural concern, but it?s also a scary thought. No patient should have to choose between expensive medical procedures and chronic pain. Luckily, most assumptions about the costs of Regenerative Cell Therapy are untrue and here?s why:

  1. Many medical providers accept insurance for Regenerative Cell Therapy procedures in conjunction with surgeries. Whether a patient is looking into Regenerative Cell Therapy trials to treat their COPD or is suffering from chronic joint pain and wants regenerative therapy injections, it?s possible that their provider accepts their major insurance plan.
  2. While most standalone stem cell procedures aren?t covered by major insurance plans, the likelihood of them being accepted in the future is only increasing alongside the growth of the Regenerative Cell Therapy industry. This general rule does not include standardized Regenerative Cell Therapy procedures such as bone marrow transplants for leukemia patients, which are often covered by insurance providers and Medicaid/Medicare.
  3. Out of pocket costs are cheaper than nearly any surgery. While the cost of Regenerative Cell Therapy is typically determined on a case-by-case basis – factoring in the severity of a patient?s condition, amount of treatments needed, type of Regenerative Cell Therapy required, etc. – there are few Regenerative Cell Therapy procedures that exceed the out of pocket costs of a surgery, even after insurance has cut costs.
  4. While some patients will require multiple Regenerative Cell Therapy treatments, those same patients would likely end up requiring multiple surgeries. For example, hip and knee replacement patients are typically satisfied with their results. At least for a while, that is. Unfortunately many hip and knee replacement patients experience continued pain and numerous patients will need continued surgeries to replace faulty implants or damaged parts.
  5. Financing options are almost always available. These break out the costs of Regenerative Cell Therapy into manageable installments that make it easier for a patient to say yes to getting the treatment they need and deserve.

The best way to find out how much Regenerative Cell Therapy would cost you is to speak to a certified Regenerative Cell Therapy doctor to discuss treatment options and pricing. Ask about financing, insurance options, and other aspects of regenerative therapy. Many stem cell clinics provide free consultations to new patients which means you can find answers to your chronic pains without the obligations.

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