Stem Cell Treatment Vs. Knee Replacement

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Stem Cells for Knee Pain in Longmont?

If your doctor is suggesting a knee replacement, you both have reached the end of the road with your knee pain. The thought of surgery is troubling but the throbbing in your knees day in and day out may be helping you to hurry and consent to the procedure. The important thing to remember, as the patient, your worries about the risks of knee replacement surgery are valid and need to be addressed before undergoing such an invasive surgery. There are dangers involved with any surgery; complications with anesthesia, infection or accidental nerve injury, are all possibilities when you go under the knife. But did you know knee replacement surgery can boost your chance of cardiac arrest by 31%? A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine sites blood clots as the culprit that increases patients’ risk of heart attack especially in the first two weeks after surgery. If you have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis the risk to your heart is even greater. Recovery from knee replacement surgery can take anywhere from six to eight weeks depending on your body’s healing time. Considering how that downtime will impact your life might be one of your major concerns. During this time you will need mobility aids like walkers or canes, and many patients are referred to inpatient rehabilitation facilities to recover for 7-10 days. Agreeing to knee replacement surgery will be one of the most impactful events of your life so, it’s best to explore every option available before you take that step.

So what happens when knee replacements fail? It’s possible you could go through surgery and two months of recovery only to discover you’re still having pain that’s limiting your life. If the tissue surrounding your joint is too weak to support the prosthesis, you could experience more difficulty walking and moving from the unstable replacement. This same instability can be caused by an improperly placed prosthesis as well. One of the main goals patients have when electing for knee replacement surgery is increased mobility so that may not be a gamble you want to take. If the bones around your implant fracture you could find yourself in the operating room once more for revision surgery. These fractures can also be the result of a poorly placed implant. Depending on your level of rehabilitation and post operation care, your implant could cause other complications like infection, a buildup of scar tissue or loss of range of motion. When you combine all of the complications and the scar you’ll gain from the eight to twelve-inch surgery incision you?re probably wondering, are there any alternatives to ending my knee pain that doesn?t involve aggressive surgery?

Regenerative Cell Therapy has produced ground-breaking results for many patients considering knee replacement surgery. Regenerative Cell Therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure which requires little to no downtime and eliminates the need for time off of work. The most important aspect of this innovative treatment is the success patients enjoy. Most Regenerative Cell Therapy patients report an immediate change in pain intensity after their first treatment and more report the elimination of pain and return of mobility in three to six months. Stem cells heal your joints and repair tissue and cartilage naturally while metal or plastic prosthesis can wear down or malfunction over time. This state-of-the-art procedure is giving patients an effective, natural alternative to invasive knee surgery with astounding results.

Consider this, a recent study found over 50% of people who have had knee replacements reported their pain returning within five years of the surgery. You owe it to yourself to explore this leading-edge treatment before you schedule such a risky and invasive procedure. Click here and schedule a FREE Regenerative Cell Therapy consultation with our doctors in Longmont, CO. Regenerative Cell Therapy is the answer you?ve been looking for to avoid surgery and stop your pain.

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